80 East-Waverley Rd


80 East consists of 64 Apartments located in Malvern. The architecture breaks the Waverley Rd façade down to a finer detail a more human scale using three differing varying elements that create a rhythm across the façade. Staggered brick fins, perforated metal screens & planter boxes. Using a familiar material such as brick incorporates a construction type that people can see has been laid by hand, brick by brick, by a craftsman – a bespoke response, rather than a mass-produced, prefabricated building.  Perforated screens add to this rhythm and provide depth in the façade whilst also providing the resident a degree of privacy. The planter boxes, whilst being practical, provide the occupants with their own herb and garden beds, affording them the opportunity to add their own touch to their space whilst also bringing nature into the architecture and create a living façade that will change with the seasons. Through the use of these varying elements each apartment has its own arrangement and is personalised. The familiar materials evoke a feeling of home.